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Why You Struggle to Reach Your Goals

And How You can Improve your Track Record
  • Was it true that only 22-year-old college graduates move abroad? I soon saw examples on the internet of older people who had made a leap like the one I wanted to make. I read about people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 60s who’d done it.
  • Was it true that only people who could pick up languages easily moved to a country that spoke a language different from their native tongue? I saw examples of people who had moved knowing little of their new country’s language and managed, learning as they were there. Some even managed to live there with very few foreign language skills.
  • Was it true you had to be rich to move to a foreign country? In my research, I saw this wasn’t true either. While some people who moved to foreign countries could support themselves financially without worrying about money, many others weren’t and found ways to provide for themselves and thrive in their new countries.
  1. How true is that? And look for proof to the contrary and write it down.
  2. Where did that idea come from? Sometimes the beliefs we have were given to us by family members or friends whose experiences are different from ours or who got them from their parents. Just because someone else has a belief doesn’t mean it’s true or true for you.
  3. If I wasn’t afraid of what I would find out about what I believe is impossible or possible, how could I challenge my thoughts on the matter?
  4. If I believed the 180° opposite idea, what would I be telling myself, and what actions would I be taking?



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Patricia Brooks

Bold, fledgling entrepreneur, author, podcast host Discovering Courage, Finding Freedom, Living in France! Adventures.Insights. Stories.