Who Are You Going To Believe? Me or Your Lying Eyes?

Sometimes our eyes do lie

The Dating Fast

A little over two months ago, I’d stopped my search for Mr. Right. I had to. I’d fallen into the hopelessness and desperation that failing can bring about. I was aware that my energy was anything but attractive, and I needed to pull myself up and out before I’d be able to find someone who could be right for me. I needed to focus on my self.

Back In the Game

So after two months of self-care and self-love, I ventured out again into the fray in search of a relationship that could lead to a life partnership. I was highly engaged yet unattached to the results of my virtual conversations and in-person dates. I approached it with more lightness and curiosity instead of grim-determined striving. And after only a day of having my newly written profile out there, I’d attracted some candidates with true potential. My hope began to take off.

The Meeting

I met Roger for coffee. He wasn’t what I expected in person. He was a little shorter and older looking than I’d imagined, but I remained open. As we sipped our beverages, we talked about our jobs, our exes, our siblings, and pets that we’d owned.

The Proof

Although I hadn’t given this profile question a second thought during our date, I had second thoughts when I arrived home. I truly believed Roger’s answer in that moment, but some part of me (the part that had seen this picture that looked exactly like him) didn’t.



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Patricia Brooks

Bold, fledgling entrepreneur, author, podcast host Discovering Courage, Finding Freedom, Living in France! Adventures.Insights. Stories. thecouragecatalyst.com