Can Death Be a Gift?

Learn the Lessons of Loss and Begin Living Again

Death an Awakening

My father died on August 11, 2010. We were not extremely close; however, it was in this loss that I recognized the beauty of our relationship and the gifts he had given me. His final gift to me was the wake-up call I needed.

Death a Reminder

A few years later I experienced two other losses that reinforced why I had set out on the difficult inner work to figure out who I was, who I wanted to be, and how I could get from there to here. In 2015, my high school sweetheart, Tim, died. He was only 49. We had not stayed in contact, but he was the first peer of mine who’d died. We’d created memories that only he and I experienced. Now I was the keeper of them. When I learned of his death, I was shocked. I thought of him often when I visited my hometown and even considered contacting him, but I hadn’t. I hadn’t known he was battling cancer. He was one year older than me. Indeed, it is possible to die young. Once again, I felt vulnerable. I was going to die.

What will it take for you to “get busy living?”

My father’s death started the ball rolling. Tim and Connie’s deaths prodded me to continue the efforts I’d begun–the inner work I’d embarked upon to live my life with intention and to take the road less traveled, despite my fears and doubts. To live a life at the end of which will leave me having no regrets about what I wish I had attempted.



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Patricia Brooks

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